and kids

and kids

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fun Mom Wednesday #4

Double Matinee

A local theater shows some of the older, new movies for a discounted price of $2.50.  On Wednesday, the movies are only $1.  So, today we went and saw two movies.  Just because...

We saw "Mr Peabody and Sherman", great movie - I loved it, and we saw "Rio 2", enjoyed it.  
We snuck candy in for the first movie at 1:20 but then I knew the kids would be hungry by the second one that started at 3:40, so I broke down and bought one large popcorn, which happened to have free refills.  Which we refilled three times.  Maybe I shouldn't admit to that.
Since we never go to the movie theater, this was a major treat!  And another Wednesday win!

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