and kids

and kids

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Worshiping with kids

Each Sunday the kids 'fight' over who is going to sit by Mommy.  I appreciate the love, but it gets a little ridiculous.  You may think I have two sides and that helps, but Daddy always gets one side.  So, it is sorta like calling "shotgun" as we walk into church.

I appreciate that Mollee still wants to sit by me, and it is important she gets her turn.  Tavis sits by me some, but he often avoids the conflict and sits by Grandma.  Daegan is very much about fair and wants his turn.  Capps sits by me, but not too close, and often worships "in the zone" - doing the same thing each week.

Then there is Mac.  My baby.  When he sits by me he snuggles with me.  He holds my hand.  He is a struggling reader, so I get to help him follow along the Scripture reading and the hymns with my finger following the words.  It is a special, intimate Mommy/Son time.

As I was worshiping this week, with Mac snuggled next to me.  I thanked the Lord for #5, because I have a tendency of being ungrateful that my body was unable to make a few more.  I thanked the Lord that my #5 is a snuggler.  That helps!  And I thanked him that #5 is a little on the small size, makes it selfishly easier on this Momma to have him growing up.

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