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and kids

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Report Cards 2013-2014

Electronically *ugh*, so I have to post them to preserve them:

Haynes - Art, Bible, Math, Music, PE, Spanish and Spelling, S+, Languange Arts S-
For his character: Respects authority, self-controlled, listens and follow directions, encourages others, considerate, cooperates - all S+, then he got S on the the Uses time wisely and Is responsible with assignments (I keep saying I may have a Tavis repeat of stress)
Comments: "What a pure joy it has been to have sweet Mac in our class this year!  His heart is so tender which gives reason as to why he is so well loved by others.  I feel that he has worked hard this year and has made gains in both reading and math"

Capps - mostly A+, one A- in PE??, all E in his character assessment
Comments: "Capps has ended the year well.  I am so proud of his accomplishments.  He is an encourager to his classmates and a hard worker.  I believe he will do well next year in 4th grade and the challenge of 5th grade math will be just what he needs.  I will miss him and the wealth of knowledge he shares."

Daegan - all A's, and all E's in character is except an S in Cooperates in group activities and an S in Participates in class.  Yep, he is his own person - begs to be home-schooled all the time. :)
Comments: "Daegan works above grade level.  He has such a gift of knowledge and the way he shares that knowledge with his classmates.  He has been a real asset to our classroom.  It has been a blessing to have Daegan in my class this year.  He is definitely ready for 5th grade."

Tavis - Let me stop a minute and say I am very proud of Tavis and how he worked hard to have a much stronger 2nd semester.  He struggled, but he is coming to terms with the fact and realizing, that is who he is and he is just going to have to work a little harder than his younger brothers - and that sucks, but he has gifts athletically and socially that they do not have.
Bible - B+, Computer - A, Eastern Civ - B-, English - C, Life Science - B+, Math-C, Band-A, PE -A
Comments from various teachers: Thoughtfully contributes in class discussions.  Needs to keep growing time management skills.  A pleasant student to have around.  Tavis' enthusiastic participation in class discussions have been greatly appreciated this year.  Tavis is a joyful, happy and always willing to participate.  I am grateful for all the laughter he brought to class and I'm also very thankful that he uses his gifts to glorify God"

Mollee - Bible - A, Computer - A, Earth Science - C+, English - B, Studio Art - A, Math -B-, PE - A, Western Civ-B-
Comments from various teachers: Super Job! Could put more effort into class discussions.  Great encourager to peers.  Does a great job with details.  Mollee is unique, confident, creative and unafraid to speak her mind.  She has continued to show giftings in the visual arts and I strongly encourage her to continue developing her artistic gifts.  I hope to see her continue toward advanced classes and to continue investing in her talents!  Good progress - She is a pleasure to have in class.  Willing to do whatever is asked.

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