and kids

and kids

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fun Mom Wednesday #1

The Aquarium  (we haven't been since Mac was a baby)
 The new otter exhibit - so fun!

 Feeding the stingrays
 Petting the sturgeon
Turtles - Mommy loves turtles!

 Petting Stingrays and Sharks
 Trying to catch butterflies - no luck!
 And the penguins!
 And, yes, we toured the Aquarium in our bathing suits.  Well, the kids did.  I did not.  But it was worth it to visit The Passage.
I think it was successful first Fun Wednesday.  We got a one-year membership to the Aquarium, which will be a nice to visit it whenever we like over the next year.  I love it!!!

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