and kids

and kids

Monday, June 23, 2014

Blue Black

This was my Instagram the other day - sorta as a joke?  There is a lot I can't control about "my look" right now (although I am starting to get a handle on my weight loss - finally!) and so hair color is a fun game for me.  I know many don't understand it, but it is no different than changing clothes or trying new make-up.  It is just fun!!
We took my hair out of the budget, even tho I do enjoy to be pampered at In The Buff, yes, that is the name, but we were cutting a lot of things (cable, etc), and hair seemed to be a no brainer.  I can change color for $6 with a sale and a coupon.

This last time I grabbed a box that said Blue Black, and thought, "why not"?  I love it and Jason loves it!  I know my Grandmother does not and I am sure my Mother does not, but for now, it is fun.
It basically looks black, but in the sunlight, it shimmers blue.

It is all about having fun....

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