and kids

and kids

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Edge 2014

Before Mollee and Tavis went to Camp, they texted Daddy this picture:
 I tortured them with this picture before drop off:
And it was a sweet time to see the large group of Middle Schoolers pray for their week before they left:
 This was our first night as a smaller family (via Instagram):
And these were the pictures I received throughout the week from one of the leaders:
 Tavis slidding (on left):

 They seemed to have a blast and slept for about 24 hours after they got home.  It is always a good experience for them to be away from home for an extended amount of time and I am so glad they were able to do this.  A big thanks to Chris, Reba, Sam, Jason, and Cara!!!

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  1. My oldest could've gone to the edge this year, but since she's just a rising 6th grader (and no other risings were going) we decided to wait to next year. She's already excited. It's crazy to think that our KIDS will be at camp at the same time! How old are we and where did all the time go??


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