and kids

and kids

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Prodigal Trailer" Returns

I got a call from our detective today and he said he felt like he found our trailer.  He said the ladder rack was gone, the VIN number was scratched off, the license plate was missing and the TC Trekker label on the back door was half peeled off, but he felt certain it was ours.  Jason needed to go by and identify it before 5:00.  Jason went by and sure enough, it was ours.

The guy that took it, had just "bought it" but couldn't remember who it bought it from.  So, he was in jail for possession of stolen property and we got our trailer back.  Jason could be asked to testify in court.

Crazy?!  When I sent this message out to a few friends they were excited and a few said they were still praying about it.  I have to admit, I had stopped praying.  I had no hope of ever seeing the trailer again, but God had another plan.  And, we have the trailer back.

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