and kids

and kids

Friday, December 4, 2009

Accomplishments.....and failures!

I guess I have to show both sides. If I'm going to brag on my diet accomplishments, do I have to come clean about the downside also? I've done well. Even through Thanksgiving I feel like I kept myself under control (in the eating department). I did 4-miles Thanksgiving morning and a few other days that long weekend to make up for eating such big meals, plus I continued to stay away from sweet tea and coke.

The last 48 hours, not so much (and I completely blame PMS). Yesterday, I needed junk food, you know that feeling? Today, I needed coke, and, I caved. Have you ever seen a 'large' at Burger King? It has to be 40+ ounces, and I enjoyed every last ounce.

I absolutely needed it! And you know what? When you don't have caffeine for 5 or 6 weeks, you can really feel it - and it is nice!

So, back to being 'good' tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll have a light dinner and get on the treadmill for my 4 miles tonight. I just felt I wasn't being fair if I only praised myself and didn't share my struggles also. I have lost 13 lbs! I was due a treat, right?

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