and kids

and kids

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve with the Brown's

Big Christmas meal at 4:00

Before the festivities began:

Mac Christmas Lightning McQueen shirt:

After the papertowel incident Tavis decided that Uncle Daniel needed toilet paper for Christmas:Uncle Daniel and Aunt Heather get a history of being an uncle and aunt:Mac helping Mima (age 98) open her gift: Pops getting help from all the boys:

And then they helped Mimi (why aren't they this helpful at home? Hmmm!): Mac gets an Imaginex Space Station:
Lots of Star Wars to be had:Tavis gets Playmobile/Daeg gets Legos (not sure why we can't get these boys into the same category of toys?):Capps gets a 3D coloring set:
Mollee gets a new leotard:Group shot with new Webkinz: Jason and I did get gifts also, but when you are the photographer you don't always end up in many pictures. Jason got an Xbox game and a new headset. I got a Kitchenaid mixer, which I've wanted since I got married - now, no excuses for no holiday baking?

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  1. woooohooooo! you are going to love that! a MUST for all Momma's!
    Merry Christmas! love, tab


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