and kids

and kids

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Chaos

We told the kids to stay in bed until at least 7:30 (when I was growing up we weren't allowed to get out of bed on Christmas morning until we heard Dad's shower running). Of course, at 7:31, Tavis was at our door whispering, "Mommy, are you up?" We told him to go to the living room until everyone else woke up and by 8:15 we had the coffee brewing and we were ready to begin.

We started the morning with the tradition of the Li Bien ornaments that Jason gives the children. Unfortunately, Mollee broke hers in about 10 seconds and I will be venturing out to get another one tomorrow morning before they are all gone.We then progressed to Jason opening all the gifts that the older kids made us in school.
And then, on to the gifts!
Group Gift: Lego Batman Xbox game -if the boys can get Daddy to share the Xbox?
Puzzles for my monkey!
And the standard gift that they want every year, PEZ dispensers (aka. stretchy heads)
And Jason installing my new under-the-cabinet stereo for the kitchen - Yeah!!!
It was a great morning and has been a wonderful day. The kids have been entertained all day. At 1:30, I realized that no one had asked for lunch yet and had to force the kids to cease playing and come eat. It is now 8 PM and we are still in our PJ's. We just enjoyed an intense hour of Uno Flash (a game I highly recommend for family-fun), now the kids are playing the Xbox before bedtime.
Maybe tomorrow I can get the house back to normal?

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  1. "getting the house back to normal" is very HIGH on my list today, too. enough chaos!!!
    everytime i see a photo of your Mac, i grin.... he is still in the YUMMY wee one phase! so cute! sounds like you all had a great Christmas!!! Have a great week, too!


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