and kids

and kids

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Li Bien

This is my Ornaments, Part 2 entry.

Jason gets the kids the Li Bien Ornaments from Pier One each year. These are gorgeous, hand-painted ornaments. "Li Bien" means inside. These glass ornaments are painted on the inside through a small opening in the top.

It all started with Mollee's first Christmas when I requested that Jason get Mollee a special ornament. He is always drawn to Pier One for gift buying and this was the ornament he found. These ornaments are nice because the year is painted on the back of each one and they each come in a beautiful velvet box.
He then started to get me one of a manager scene each year, or an angel if they didn't have new ones (some years there are repeats from the previous years).
We usually are afraid to put these ornaments on the tree because we don't want them to get bumped off and break (they can't be replaced). So we always put the previous year on the dining room chandelier.
This year, I saw something similar to this in the Better Homes and Garden magazine on curtains, so I improvised on our cornice.
Thus ends the Christmas decor blogs!

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