and kids

and kids

Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Recap

I'm glad my good friend, Moriah, had a recap of her first blog entry of each month for 2009. I like that idea, so here I go:

"I've finally done it"
The beginning of blogging for me!

"Winter Carnival"
The annual Carnival at school (guess it is almost time for that again?).

"NASCAR Fantasy League"
I did not end the fantasy league with a grand score, maybe next year?

"Kindergarten Round Up"
Daegan's first experience in the classroom, a half day at school.

"Monday Morning Blog"
A long blog about a long weekend.

"Dr. Appts."
A recap of too many dr. appointments for one week.

"Happy 4th of July"
My favorite holiday!

"Summer coming to an end"
This was a good recap of summer

"TV, Lollipops and Juice"
Ironic that this one ends up on the list. Mac still isn't potty trained. This particular week in September didn't go well, I gave up and haven't gone back. Mac turns 3 on January 15 and I promised myself and my husband that I would get on the ball before then. Maybe next week when the kids go back to school?

Oh, the excitement of new socks!

"Mollee turns 9"
Mollee's birthday is October 31, not sure how this one ended up November 1st? I still can't believe she is 9.

"Accomplishments and Failures"
This started the downward spiral of my weight loss journey. On Monday, I plan to get my butt back in gear. I'm beginning to think I'm an all or nothing dieter. If I have a little sugar I want a lot, so I just need to stay away from it or eat it late in the day. The holidays have been a bit rough on me, but the scale has been kind. Along with potty training Mac, I'll get back to exercise Monday. Honestly, (and I promise this isn't a lame excuse) I think my ankle has appreciated a little break.

Happy New Year! Can you believe it is almost 2010? I remember Y2K, and *snap* we are 10 years later. Oh, Boy!

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