and kids

and kids

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Right before my computer crashed (my little sister bought a laptop because she is moving to Africa in March and she graciously gave us her desktop computer to use) I started working on this entry. I'm not sure I got all the pictures on here I wanted to, but you get the idea.

Each year Jason buys the kids a really nice ornament (more on that in another entry). I, on the other hand, try to get them a character ornament. I like to get something that goes along with their interests that particular year. I write the year and initial somewhere hidden on the ornament and hope to let the kids take what they want (my tree will be naked at that time) when they start their own homes.

For example, I think each child has gotten Elmo their first year:
Or another Sesame Street Favorite their second year:For the one year we had cable there were some Nickelodeon Characters:Of course, with four boys, we have a lot of Star Wars:
And Super Heroes:Mac was ecstatic last year to get Thomas, but couldn't understand why he couldn't play with it (can you tell he hung it?): And no Christmas is complete without the Grinch, right?:
Of course, Mollee's are easy to spot (pink, pink, and pink):And the ones that Grandma J made:While we are talking about homemade, here is a gem I made in 3rd grade. I remember making it and being so proud of it. Jason got a hold of it when we first got married and insists that it is on our tree each year:And I've got all my giraffes:I also think the 'Smores' collection is cute, I have a couple:...but was so excited to find this one for the kids to give Jason a few years ago: And there is our Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head:
And this is the one I look forward to each year. Jason isn't a gift giver or much for surprises. One of our first Christmases together I told him, "You must at least get me an ornament". I like Tigger so he got me this one and as I went to hang it on the tree, there was a white gold, aquamarine/diamond ring on Tigger's tail. It was a wonderful surprise that I hold dear. This is just a small taste of our tree. We have many other Star Wars, Bob the Builder, pink ones, etc. It is fun to look back on the memories of opening the ornaments and why each one got the one they did on a certain year.

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