and kids

and kids

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Parties 2009

Today the kids had Christmas parties with their classmates. I once again found myself running between three different parties (next year I'll be running between four different ones).

Tavis' class decorated cookies, here Tavis is with his buddy Chase
They also decorated ornaments, by attaching it to the end of a drill and as the ornament spinned on the drill bit, the kids painted it with a paint marker. Very neat idea!
Mollee's class had won a pizza party from their Fall bag sale. They also decorated cookies.
And they decorated Angel ornaments with glitter, here is Mollee playing with the glueDaegan's class started a little later so I was able to attend most of it. They had a birthday party for Jesus!Here is our favorite Mrs. Wieldraayer getting a present from Daeg
No party is complete without a round of musical chairs. The first round Daegan got out first, second round he won! Mollee and Tavis' parties finished early and most of their classmates went home with their parents so Mollee and Tavis joined in at the end of Daegan's party for "The Candy Cane Story", read by Mrs. Wieldraayer.
Now, 16 days of no school = 16 nights of no homework!

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