and kids

and kids

Monday, December 14, 2009

A 'Nothing' Weekend!

I've totally failed at the December Photo Project - where you post a random picture each day from that day. I really was going to do it, but I claim that this is my first year blogging, but I will totally be ready (maybe?) for DPP next year.

Last week, Jason worked late each night. It was a long week that ended with a great weekend!

Saturday morning I made my Wal-Mart run in the morning and had the whole day ahead of me. Jason was going to paint all the trim in the hallway (last week he painted the hallway the same pale green as our living room) and my plan was to do some Christmas baking while he painted (I'd be at the end of the hall in the kitchen so we could sorta 'hang out' while we each worked) - somehow it is mid-December and I haven't done any baking yet? That is absolutely unheard of for me.

When Jason opened the trim paint he had just bought, it was red. He was just getting a basic white, but must have grabbed one of the base colors that was red (some would say he did it on purpose so he didn't have to paint :) ). Therefore, I didn't get any baking done.

Jason spent a lot of the day reading, which is really what he needed after such a long week. I was able to get a really good run in, which may not sound 'relaxing', but was treat because I can't always push myself with the kids around. [I've shifted my 'run' to 4-miles, which used to take 72 minutes, but Saturday I did it in 62 minutes. I was pleased with this time even though I was trying to get it under an hour. My first two miles took 28 minutes, but, by the last mile, I was really just walking].

Saturday night, we picked up pizza and went to hang out with my parents. Sometimes, when you live eight doors apart, you may see each other a lot, but you don't get to really 'hang out' a lot. Usually, when we are at Mom and Dad's it is Sunday afternoon, when other families are there and Dad is usually exhausted by preaching that morning. So, Saturday night was a treat to just be there!

On Sunday, we were supposed to meet with our Shepherding Group, so we told Mom we weren't coming for Sunday lunch. Our group got cancelled, but instead of going to Mom and Dad's for lunch we went home. It was wonderful! We had a PB&J lunch, everyone got in the PJ's (it was raining so there was no outside playtime ahead), the kids played downstairs, Jason went back to his book and I got to take a nap.

Unfortunately, all good things must end. This morning (Monday) started at 3:30 for me because Tavis had a migraine (he hadn't felt well last night and put himself to bed at 6:00). At 3:30 he came to my room and said he was going to throw up, and he did. For the next couple hours he slept on my floor (moaning) and ran to the bathroom every 30 minutes or so.

Oh, Well, the weekend was great!

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