and kids

and kids

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Comparison, or just an Observation!

Ok, so it isn't right to compare your children. Maybe this isn't a comparison, but just an observation that makes mommy smile.

I always look forward to what the teachers come up with for the kids to make for their parents for Christmas. I've actually received some great items. With Tavis and Mollee in consecutive grades, I've gotten the same gift two years in a row. This year, kindergarten did something a little different that I thought was cute. Daegan gave me a wreath made out of his hand prints.Well, the 2nd grade project has been the same and it just cracks me up the difference between Mollee and Tavis, boy and girl, crafty and "I don't have time for that".

The project was a manger scene out of popsicle sticks and other things:

I'll let you decide whose is whose (it is hard to tell the big differences in this picture - think lots of glue and not a lot of stain on one).

The gift bags cracked me up too. I just happen to still have Mollee's (even though I am the anti-pack rat). She was so proud of it and, obviously, took a lot of time on it so I couldn't throw it away.

It was even two-sided:And then there was Tavis' gift bag (oh, I love that boy!):When I questioned him about it, he simply said, "Oh, I didn't have time to do anything on it". He didn't even write To: Mom and Dad, From: Tavis on it. He cracks me up - he will do the least amount of work possible on any project or assignment.

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  1. I actually teared up while I was laughing at this ;)


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