and kids

and kids

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another Week of Summer....Gone in a Flash!

It looks like my Summer posts are going to be once a week updates with our weekly activities.  Hopefully, they will not all be picture-less.

This week was another full week.

Monday, like all Mondays for me, I worked a very full day.  Jason was home sick with a 24-hr stomach virus and the kids played inside, outside, inside, outside. 

Tuesday....I already don't remember Tuesday.  I do remember that we really, really miss Kids-Eat-Free-Tuesdays at Chik-fil-A.  :(

Wednesday I had to run a few errands for work, so the kids grabbed their favorite toys and hopped in the van for a few hours of running around delivering papers, changing signs, retrieving lockboxes, etc.  Wednesday afternoon the Bonds came over for a brief one-hour visit.  Then we grilled some chicken and I remember a very silly (and much needed) family dinner.

Thursday I had thought about taking the kids to the library, that didn't happen.  We were also invited to go to the free 10:00 movie at the theater, that didn't happen.  I worked thru the morning and by 1:00 it was obvious the kids needed to burn some energy, and not just by climbing trees and riding bikes.  We packed a quick, very late lunch and headed to the pool for a few hours.  On the way home, I picked up my niece, Abby, to play with Mollee for the rest of the afternoon.  Then Tavis had his math tutoring from 4-5. 

Friday I had invited Reba and the kids over to swim with us.  We decided to wait until the twins were ready for a nap, which worked out perfectly.  They slept for 3 hours, so we had a very long swim.  The Harris cousins came too for part of the time and the kids all had a blast.  We got pizza for dinner and were all sun-kissed and exhausted by evening. 

Jason had asked for a low-key Saturday that involved sleeping-in.  No matter how hard I try, I don't sleep in very well.  Since I had played at the pool for two afternoons, I decided to get up (about 7:45) and do some paperwork.  The kids got breakfast and watched cartoons downstairs.  We were able to let Jason sleep in until 11:00, which I love b/c he loves to sleep-in and, even not working Monday, he has had a very long week.   After lunch, Tavis and I ran to Target and Jason cut the grass.  I took a nap in the afternoon and we had cereal for dinner.

And now I am sitting on the deck with my laptop, listening to the mixture of many different birds chirping, someone cutting their grass, the interstate hum and the fan whirling next to me. 

Ahhhh, Summertime!

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