and kids

and kids

Monday, June 25, 2012

Battlefiled and Tower Climb

Before Uncle Paul, Aunt Sharon and Dana headed home today, Dad took them to the Battlefiled and I took the kids to tag along.
 If you have never been to our local Battlefield Museum, I would recommend it.  They have a wonderful explanation of the Battlefield in about a 7 minute presentation.
Uncle Paul being silly!
My Beautiful Daughter and My Beautiful Cousin 
Then we decided to visit the Tower too.  It happened to be open and Papa decided we should climb it.  
Uncle Paul and Aunt Sharon were smart not to join in the climb, but for some reason I went.
163 steps in a cast - see me at the top?!  Waving with Mollee!  She was waving, "Look at Me", I was waving, "Does anyone know where the slide is to get down?"

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