and kids

and kids

Monday, June 25, 2012

Measuring Bigness

Alternate Title: Kids Say The Darndest Things

2nd Alternate Title:  How To Teach Kids When To Lie  :)

For some reason, when we moved in, our scale landed in the kitchen.  And it is still there.  Probably, not such a bad place for it. 

I don't normally strive to weigh myself in the mornings, or ever, but this morning, it was there, no one was around, so I thought I'd step on the scale. 

Then, I was startled by a little voice, "Whatcha doing?"

I looked around to see Mac's big grey eyes staring at me. 

I sarcastically said, "What does it look like I'm doing?"

He said, "Measuring Bigness".

I replied, "Why does it have to be measuring bigness, it could be measure how small I am?"

He innocently said, "Nope, your definitely measuring bigness!"  And he ran off, back downstairs.

Little rat.



  1. Hahahaha.....It reminds me when Mollee was little and you were pregnant with Daeg and she asked if you could get her some juice, you said in a minute then she promptly asked you if it was because you were fat!


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