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and kids

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Report Cards 2011-2012

Last year I vented that there are no longer report cards, everything is on the computer now.  I have printed out the reports, but who knows how long those will stick around, so I figure it would be good to document the report cards here (for whenever I can print a book).

Capps, 1st grade, Mrs. Farlett, Absent = 2 days

- He got a S+ on everything except penmanship, which he got a S on.  :)  For "Character" grades he got a S+ on everything (Respects Authority, Follows Directions, Encourages Others, Is Considerate, Cooperates in Group Activities, Is Responsible with Assignments, Uses Time Wisely) except "Is Self Controlled".

Teacher Comments: Capps is smart and energetic and is always willing to add to class discussions.  He is a delight and eager to learn.  He is simply a joy to teach!  Thank you for sharing Capps with me this year.

Daegan, 2nd grade, Mrs. Bates, Absent = 16 days

- He got a S+ on everything except Language Arts, which he got a S on.  He also got an S on all the Character grades.

Teacher Comments: Daegan is a good student and a self-motivated learner.  He is a delight to teach.  He is very bright and considerate of others.  He is very well prepared for 3rd grade.

Tavis, 4th grade, Mrs. Levenger, Absent = 9 days

- He got an A in Art, Bible, Music, PE, Reading, Spanish, Spelling and Technology.  He got a B in Language Arts and Social Studies and he got a C in Math.  Character Grades, he got an E (which is same as S+ in lower grades?) in everything except for a S- in "Responsible with Assignments"

Teacher Comments: Tavis is a bright young man with a great sense of humor.  His creativity is an interesting addition to our class.  His struggle to keep up with his assignments has been ongoing, although he has done better at the end of the year.  I am proud of his effort in math, which is evidenced in his level of confidence.  (he has had a math tutor the last quarter)

Mollee, 5th grade, Mrs. Gordon, Perfect Attendance!

- She got an A in Art, Bible, Music, PE, Science, Social Studies, Spanish and Technology.  She got a B in Language Arts and Reading.  And a C in Math and Spelling.  Character Grades were all E!!

Teacher Comments: Mollee has worked very hard this semester.  She contributes to class with a positive, willing attitude.  She tries her best on everything she does.  Mollee has been a bright spot in our classroom and I know she is ready for middle school.  She has progressed in her reading, but I think it would benefit her to keep up with her reading this Summer.

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