and kids

and kids

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cross Clan 2012

I am not sure of the numbers yet, but I wanted to get this posted on the blog so that I don't forget to have it/edit it later.

This weekend we had our Cross Clan Reunion.  Many of you know the story, but for those that don't - my Grandma J is one of 11 children.  Every other Summer we try to get together.  There are over 350 in the group, but usually 100-150 get to come to the reunion.
We met for dessert Friday night and then some went to play Gooney Golf.  Saturday they had a Bible Study at 10:30, then lunch.  Some did tourist thing in the afternoon. Some went to Becky's to ride horses and some went swimming.  We went swimming and I hope to get a video of Mac's Dive Show up some time soon.  Everyone met for dinner Saturday, more games and more stories.  Then some went bowling afterwards.

Kuddos to this years MC, Aunt Sylvia.  They played a video of the family history, told by Uncle Paul Cross, with scanned pictures.  They had stories told of the 11 siblings, how they met their spouse and how they made a living.  (Key word: Fisher's Club).  They had Minute-to-Win-it Games (Uncle Paul J won the fastest to eat a Twizzler with no hands and someone needs to ask Aunt Carol how to move an Oreo down her face). 

I hope to steal others photos at a later date.

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