and kids

and kids

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not the Summer apparel I was looking for?

So, I fractured my foot.  Not in the Summer plans!
Embarrassingly, I was just walking.  I had recently gotten back into aerobics and went on a brisk walk Saturday morning.  My foot hurt, but I figured I was just being a wimp for being out-of-shape.  I kept walking and the pain intensified.  I iced it a few times over the weekend, but was not going to pay an ER bill for a sore foot.

Monday I went to the local Walk-In Sports Clinic.  They said the 5th metatarsus was fractured.  I have a boot (thankful they didn't give me a cast and I can take it off to shower and swim and sleep) and I have to use crutches as my pain guides me.  He recommended using them for a week or so until foot not sore and then keep the boot on until I see him in a month.

So, this wasn't the plan, but I'm getting creative!  This is how I cooked last night - thankful for a freezer with a lot of options for easy meals.  


  1. awe man. when i exercise i am always so scared of hurting my back. i can't tell usually if it's just soreness on one side because i haven't run much lately, or because i'm pushing too hard. stupid injuries. wish we were 22 again :)

  2. Freezers are also good sources for bags of frozen peas to ice the ailing foot :) we've learned this trick the hard way :) Feel better!


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