and kids

and kids

Friday, June 29, 2012

Hopefully, my last allergy test to endure!

I've assumed that Mac has the worst allergies in the family, even worse than Daegan.  I've delayed his testing because I didn't want to deal with the emotional trauma (he isn't as tough as the others), I didn't want to deal with the financial trauma :), and I didn't want to take him off of antihistimines for 5 days for the test to work.

In the Summertime, I am the worst at keeping track of medicines at breakfast because everyone eats at different times.  Therefore, Mac has missed his meds for a few days weeks, which doesn't win me Mom-of-the-Year or anything, but is ok since June and July are his least-suffering months.  

On a whim, I called yesterday to see if they had any opening in the next few weeks and they had a cancellation if I could come the next morning (today) at 8:30.  Jason went in late to work and Mom and Heather tagged team to keep the others the rest of the time, so it worked out perfectly.

Mac would not say it worked out perfectly, but he managed.  He screamed bloody murder, but he didn't move during the test and he didn't scratch afterwards - which made me proud and made it go a lot quicker.  We had made a pit stop to get gas on the way to the doctor and he got one of his favorite lollipops (has a lollipop on one end and sour juice on the other?) and he got to enjoy that while we waited the 20 minutes for the test to "soak in".  
Being the sick mother that I am, I snapped a picture with my phone when the test was only half over.
As you can see (if you are familiar with the test) he ended up with a 4+ on all trees, grasses, weeds and a few molds.  Thankfully, he got a 0 on all enviromental (dust mites, cats, dogs, feathers, etc.).

He was happy when it was over and very happy to get a big stack of stickers that he has already plastered next to his bed. 
Daegan and I have finally reached the every 3 weeks point in our allergy shots....back to every week with Mac!!!

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