and kids

and kids

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Things we've learned while Mommy is on crutches

First and foremost, I hate crutches.  I am trying hard to have a good attitude, but "trying" doesn't always work.  So, I am praying for a good attitude

My arms aren't as strong as I wish they were.  And my bad ankle (now my good ankle) is not as healed as I thought it was.

The kids are lazier and less self-sufficient than I thought they were, but they have stepped up and been very helpful.  (oddly enough, Tavis has been the most helpful)  I am wondering if this is something the Lord has put in our life for me to realize the kids can do more.  Apparently, I walk around and pick up behind my children a lot more than I thought I did - which really shows up when I only move around as needed.

Money might be saved over the next few weeks because running errands is completely unappealing to me.  I had to go make a return to Old Navy and Kohl's today.  My plan was to go to Target also for a few items, but I just couldn't do it. 

Also, we will be saving money in the hot water department - my showers are really short as it is hard to stand there on one foot.

I've learned to cook sitting down.

Things I am learning to be thankful for in this current situation:

Thankful that my kids are older and can help.  This would be very, very difficult with little ones around.

Thankful for my hubby.

Thankful my job is from home and my bosses have been willing to help out with my "around town" duties.

Thankful that the dr put me in a boot that I can take off to shower, sleep and swim.  If I didn't get a break from this "big shoe", I might go crazy.

Thankful for family to help out.

Thankful for meals in the freezer.

Thankful for prayer!!!  How do non-believers handle stress without out?

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  1. so sorry! So glad for you helpers and hope this season ends QUICKLY!


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