and kids

and kids

Monday, March 2, 2009

6th picture in 6th folder

My friend, Moriah, is a blogging expert and is always giving ideas for the days blog. Today she suggested an explanation of the 6th picture in your 6th folder.

And the winner is................

This is my Grandpa J with Capps. It is October 2006. We are at the Buddy Walk (for Down Syndrome Society). I was pregnant with Mac and couldn't actually go on the walk (too uncomfortable) so I stayed back with Grandpa J and Capps. The picture quality isn't great because it is a picture I scanned in for another project.

Thanks Moriah!


  1. Greta! I found your blog through Moriah's blog and noticed that you sell Mary Kay. I have been looking for a consultant since I moved because I am out of a few things. I'll try to catch you at moms group tomorrow!

    Becky Pearce

  2. Love this blog- just bopped over!
    kari & kijsa

  3. So not an expert. Just play one on the internet. LOL.


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