and kids

and kids

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daegan's 6th birthday!

Today is Daegan's 6th birthday! In typical Daegan fashion, he is sick. Daegan has that special ability to catch any germ within 50 feet of him. We were going to celebrate at home with the fam on Friday night, but he came down with 103 fever. He insisted on celebrating anyway, even though he didn't want to eat anything. Daegan is the toughest 'sick guy' I know. We celebrated and he got some knight Legos and a Clone Wars plate set.

Today, Sunday, his actual birthday, he still had a 103 fever this morning. Mommy likes to torture the kids with a birthday breakfast picture, this is how good Daeg felt this morning:

We celebrated with my parents for a very brief lunch. Daegan requested ham and steamed broccoli (his favorite dinner items) for his meal. He didn't eat much, but he enjoyed a big bowl of ice cream with chocolate and strawberry sauce.

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