and kids

and kids

Friday, March 27, 2009

Unknown Relatives

It has been 13 years since Jason and I have traveled up North to Moscow, PA. Besides my Grandparents, others that live up there are my mom's brother and family - Uncle Paul and Aunt Sharon with daughter, Dana (age 12) - and my mom's sister's family - Uncle David and Aunt Lorraine - with their five kids and their spouses and families. The kids had never met any of these family members and it was a wonderful time as I got to meet my cousin's spouses along with their children. Here are a few pictures:
Mollee and Dana Jackson (my 12 year old cousin) enjoying popcorn on a Sunday nightMe and my Aunt Sharon Jackson (Dana's mom, married to Uncle Paul - my mom's brother) Mandy Sverduk (my cousin) and daughter Corainda (a combo name of Carol, Lorraine and Linda)

Mollee with Amanda Laury (my cousin, Holly's, daughter) and my boys with Holly's son, Ethan Laury

Tavis and his new buddy, Jason Jr. (son of my cousin Suzanne DeLorenzo, pictured with me below)

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