and kids

and kids

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Today I got the wonderful chance to spend a day with my dear friends, Shannon and Kimberly. Shannon has been surprised by the pregnancy of a fourth child. Since she has given away all of her baby items, her girlfriends were giving her a shower. Kimberly and I traveled up to spend the day with Shannon. Before kids, Shannon, Kimberly and I would hang out together, share first pregnancy struggles, pray for each other, cry with each other, laugh with and at each other, etc.

Nine years later.....

Shannon is about to have her 4th, Kimberly has 4 and I have 5. We still stay in touch, but the "Girl Time" is non-existent. It was wonderful to be able to have a day without my kids (even though it was way out of my comfort zone to do such a thing). I left the house at 10 this morning and just got home at 8 to be able to kiss the kids goodnight and rescue my exhausted husband.

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