and kids

and kids

Monday, March 30, 2009

4th Grade Buddies

In Kindergarten, you are assigned a 4th Grade Buddy. Once a week, that "buddy" comes and reads to you, plays different games and helps out with different projects. Because Tavis' class was a little small, he was assigned two different buddies, Troy and David. Those boys were so good to him. There was one time that 5th grade was having a sale to make money for a field trip. Before school they were going to sell homemade hakky sacks and cloth checker boards. Tavis was very disappointed that we didn't make it in time for him to get a hakky sack. When he got in the car after school, he said that David gave him his hakky sack since he knew Tavis really wanted one.

Last week Tavis got invited to David's bowling birthday party. He was also invited to another party for someone in his class at the same time, so I let him choose. He chose to go to David's. I wasn't sure exactly how that would be, but he had a great time. He bowled with 7 other (now) 5th graders and didn't even think twice about it.

It does a momma's heart good!

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