and kids

and kids

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break 2009

This week has been Mollee and Tavis' Spring Break. We have spent it in such a way that I know the kids will be talking about it for awhile and our memories will last forever. I plan to take the next week to share our "vacation" with you without trying to tell you everything and post a bunch of pictures in one sitting.

My grandparents live in Moscow, Pennsylvania (just outside of Scranton for all you Office fans). It is a 14 hour drive to get there, therefore, we have never taken the kids. Of course, they know my Grandpa J and Grandma J because they visit once a year, but we have never been to their house. Jason and I went for our first Christmas (2-month newlyweds), but that was 13 years ago and we haven't been back. It has been something we've talked about doing, but there were always the "I'm pregnant" or "I'm nursing" excuse that made the 14 hour drive even less-appealing. Last Saturday we loaded up in the van and headed to PA. My mom also decided to go with us since it had been a year since she saw her own mother (we didn't tell my Grandmother that Mom was coming and she was very shocked and excited when Mom also got out of the van).
We only went 10 hours the first day (after going all 14 hours on the way home it seems appropriate to say only 10 hours), but it rained the ENTIRE trip. Thankfully, that didn't result in bad traffic, only interesting potty breaks. We then had 4 more hours on Sunday and got to our destination for a big, yummy Sunday lunch.

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