and kids

and kids

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fever Virus: Day 6

In my last blog I mentioned Daegan being sick with a high fever and headache, with no other sypmtoms. Today is Wednesday and everyday since last Friday he has awaken with a fever somewhere between 102.5 - 103. When I couldn't get the fever to respond to meds on Friday I took him in and he was tested for strep, mono, flu, and his white blood cell count was tested. Everything looked fine......but he wasn't fine! I spoke with the pedicatrician late Monday and he said sometimes these fever viruses last 5-7 days. I was to bring him back to get retested for everything if he was still bad on Thursday....

Today he woke up with a 101.6 temperature. Not as high as the other mornings, maybe we are headed in the right direction? I can't complain, he is the best sick guy. No complaining! Takes a nap on his own when he feels he needs it! Drinks tons of water! I just hate we haven't been able to take advantage of this beautiful weather.

....he just asked for a bowl of cereal, maybe that is a good sign!

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  1. Drew is the best sick kid, too. When he has to puke, he asks for a bowl, does it himself (neatly, even) and tells me when he's done. And he also puts himself in bed for the occasional nap.

    Hope you guys get rid of the virus soon and no one else gets it!!!


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