and kids

and kids

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Grandma J, especially in the cold winter months, always has a puzzle going. Throughout her house she even has a few that she really liked and glued them together and framed them. Jason and I have enjoyed putting together quite a few puzzles in the past few years. We can set it up on the dining room table (which we never use) and the kids are very good to leave it alone. We have one going right now that is a Harley Davidson painting that is giving us grief and has been set up for too long. Anyway, Jason and Grandma J spent a lot of time working on a puzzle that we had brought for Grandma. We didn't finish it before we left, but we were sure to leave her all the green tree background to do by herself. As you see in the picture, Capps is also into puzzles. Even though he is only 4, he actually is very good at the big (1,000 pieces) puzzles also.Grandpa J, who is struggling with dementia, has discovered he likes Word-Find puzzles. While we worked on our puzzle, he sat and worked on his puzzles (which is great to keep his mind exercised).

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