and kids

and kids

Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Stay in a Hotel

Date: March 14, 2009

After 10 hours in the car, on our journey to PA, we stopped at the first hotel we saw that was close to a Cracker Barrel. It was a Holiday Inn in Martinsburg, WV. Thankfully, it was a really nice hotel, unfortunately, it was a really nice hotel ($). We didn't even use the Cracker Barrel because the kids ate free in the hotel restaurant. Jason and I had Prime Rib, the kids had their choice of pizza, hotdog, cheeseburger, Mac-N-Cheese, and maybe a few other options. It actually cost us less to eat this luxury meal than it did when we stopped at Arby's for lunch.
Mollee and Daegan stayed in Grandma's room
Tavis and Capps were in our room, and Mac was in our room in the Pack-N-Play

There was an indoor pool so I "forced" the kids to use it in their underwear, here are the boys showing off their muscles
The kids first stay in a hotel went fine. I think Grandma had some talkers in her room with Mollee and Daegan too excited to sleep. Jason was excited to have cable TV, but it didn't work very well to have it when we had three boys trying to fall asleep in our room. We were quickly reminded why we never let our newborns sleep in our room - hearing every noise each child made during the night. Capps talked in his sleep, Tavis snored and Mac had some nasal problems that made it sound like he had a whistle stuck up his nose.

We didn't push ourselves to get on the road very early. OK, let me rephrase that: Jason wasn't too eager to get moving. I was ready at 8:30, we left around 9:30. We arrived for Sunday lunch at 1:00. More to the story in the next blog......

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