and kids

and kids

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Comedy of Errors (aka Practice Shots)

I attempt to get our Christmas Card picture on Thanksgiving Day.  I make the kids look nice and get a lot of "Oh, come on Mom!"  

I really wanted to do the picture by our fence.  Here are some trials (and lighting check)

It was a little too late in the day to make that spot work - if you were standing too far from the fence (Mac's face), you were gonna glow.
On to the front porch.  I needed the boys to help and "pose" so I could check how it would look.  Here are some from this spot.
 Tavis attacking Daegan and Mac being a goof.
 Daegan seeing if the timer would work "THIS CLOSE" (this might be my favorite from the day, but would be a little weird to use for a Christmas Card).
 Boys being goofy some more.
Since no one was supposed to touch the camera or the tripod while I ran inside, not sure who took this - since I'm the one coming out of the door?  Hmmmmm.
 At this point, I realize the remote control for my camera had a dead battery.
 Jason took over to avoid high blood pressure for me (I look happy, right?)
So, Mollee was going to have to put the timer on and press the button and get into position.
The boys are not impressed with her abilities.
Final product, coming soon to a mailbox near you.....

(soon meaning, whenever I get a letter written, the cards ordered and the envelopes addressed)

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