and kids

and kids

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mollee's "other" Birthdays, along with Tavis!

As we were walking out the door Friday to go to Pops and Mimi's for Mollee's birthday, Capps came upstairs with a really, really bad headache.  When I hugged him, I realized he probably had fever too.  So, Jason took the other kids to dinner.  These are the pictures I got from Daegan's photo skills:

 She was very excited about Taylor Swift perfume and a CD
Saturday, Mimi took Mollee shopping.

Today, Sunday, we celebrated at Papa and Grandma's - we celebrated Mollee (12), Tavis (11 - with stack of oreos), Uncle JR (41) and Grandma J (87) Birthdays.

 Mollee got a scarf and earrings from Grandma
 Tavis got Beyblades
 And Aunt Heather got Mollee a watch, because she has no girls to buy for.

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