and kids

and kids

Friday, November 9, 2012

Tavis' Birthday

Tavis turned 11 today!  (And just like that, I now have a 12 year old and an 11 year old)
 We celebrated at home with pizza and doughnuts!
 He got a book, a play ninja dagger, two grenades that you pull the pin and they make the explosion noise, and an Aerosoft Gun (think BB gun).

 Then we also celebrated at home with Uncle Daniel, Aunt Heather and Pops and Mimi.  Aunt Heather made peanut butter pie.
 Tavis had gone shopping with Mimi and got some WWE characters.
 And a Stomp Rocket from Uncle Daniel and Aunt Heather.  It shoots the "missiles" 400 feet in the air.  It came with six, but the time I'm entering this listing, four are on the roof.
Happy Birthday T!!!

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