and kids

and kids

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Catalogs

Yep, it is that time of year!  When all the big toy catalogs come out and the kids drool over them.  I can remember looking, and looking, and looking at the JCPenney's catalog.

I've told the kids to pick a few things in each catalog and put their initial by it.  I've made it very clear, it doesn't mean they'll get it, it just means I'll know they want it.  :)

So here is how it goes:

Mollee can't find much.  You know, she is 12 now and toys aren't as appealing.  She wants clothes, boots, make-up, just not toys.  Well, maybe a few toys....

Tavis is like me.  He looks and looks and looks and marks things very carefully.

Daegan shows me everything and tells me about them and talks about them and explains why he needs each of them and talks about them and marks half of them.

Capps reads each description very carefully.  Anything crafty or unique is what he desires.

Mac wants everything, but not necessarily how they are packaged.  He puts his intial next to things and then he circles which part he wants.  Lego sets - he just wants for one particular minifig. 

Two weeks ago, when I first started typing this entry, I was frustrated that I hadn't even started Christmas Shopping.  Since then, I strategically planned out what I wanted to get where, collected all the coupons I could, and now I am almost done shopping.  I can't wait for Black Friday sales, and hoping that might complete my list.

Now, onto enjoying Thanksgiving first...

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