and kids

and kids

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Tree Assembly (by the kids)

Our tradition is to decorate the Christmas Tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.  The past few years we have been delayed, and putting the actual Christmas Tree together has been....stressful.

This year, I told the kids that I would get the tree put together and lit either Monday or Tuesday.  That way, it would be ready, no stress of them "waiting" for me to get done.  (we have the kind of tree you put together, branch-by-branch-by-branch, etc. and then you put the lights on)

There were a few problems getting it together today while the kids were in school.  Which really means, I couldn't even get started because I couldn't get the _______ tree stand to work.  

Jason fixed the stand and got everything ready to go when he got home from work, but I was going out with Reba.  I told the kids they could put it together and get it ready or just wait until after Thanksgiving (Wednesday has been dedicated to baking).

This is what I came home to late tonight:
They did great!  Maybe this is how I should plan it next year.....

(And don't worry, it is nailed to the floor again)

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