and kids

and kids

Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I have to say, that having the tree up and ready to be decorated a few days before we actually decorate, is a great idea! (please ignore the fact that it is 30 degrees outside and my kids are dressed for Summer)
 The kids carefully picked spots for their ornaments. (Tavis is in a blanket because he was freezing from fever).

 Jason sat on his throne (a chair from Mima's) and played with our Gatlinburg candle and Mima's oil lamp.
I actually already bought all the ornaments for this year - Jason got Reese's, I got Coke, Mollee got Tinkerbell, Tavis got Sponge Bob, Daegan got Perry the Duck, Capps got Tow Mater, and Mac got Buzz Lightyear.
 I took these following pictures with my iPhone, since my camera won't take the without-a-flash pictures.
 Mac needed a picture with Buzz Lightyear!
 The tree!
Now, I can't wait to start wrapping all my gifts....

And I promised the kids we would put a tree in the playroom with colored lights and all our snowflake ornaments.

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