and kids

and kids

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Last Soccer Game

And Mollee's first soccer season is over.  It wasn't a pretty season (4-8), but it did involve a lot learning and endurance.  It also taught the boys to be supportive.

Even if they were practicing crab walking UP the hill during the game:
 If Mollee desires to stay with soccer (fingers crossed, lips sealed), she and Daddy will have to work on dribbling and passing the ball.  Here she is throwing in the ball, something she struggled with at the beginning of the season, but she got the hang of by the end (can't lift your back foot).
 I can't even count how many people that told me Mollee was the fastest out there, if only she had better control of the ball....
 I tried to get a picture of Mollee and her fan base, but this is as good as I got:

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