and kids

and kids

Friday, November 16, 2012

CPC First Annual Talent/No Talent Show

The church had a talent show to raise money for 9 (or 10) of our choir members to go to Belarus next Summer.  We ended up going, and were so glad we did.

Jeremy did a great job being the MC - here he is a Father Gander, involving some kids from the audience.
 Sister Act Skit
 Pastor Steere singing about a Jewish Cowboy
 Jason got nominated for one of the "filler" games.
 Jeremy, Jeremy and Jason as rednecks rappers learning to dance.
 My Dad singing his signature song, "Sweet Caroline", but this time he was singing to my Mom - so he sang, "Sweet Linda Ruth".
 Domekia - the birthday girl, introducing her husband, the black lady trapped in a white man's body!
 And this is Jeremy, our Minister of Music, it a black evening gown, pearls, and a wig.  Hilarious!!
 You can check out all the YouTube videos on my site or on my Facebook.

Oh, yearh - and this is what Daegan did the whole time.

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  1. i am so jealous. couldn't make it. kids were in bed, daniel on his way home, and we hadn't cooked yet :(


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